As featured on Global News and City TV, Twenty Twenty Baby (2020 Baby), the Children's Book, tackles real issues that we want our kids to learn about in a light and digestible way. From COVID-19, Global Warming and Black Lives Matter, follow a family of three as they navigate the year 2020 - the ups, downs, and everything in between. This book will leave your little ones feeling inspired, strong and ready to make a difference.

About The Book

A 20 page softcover book, made 100% in Vancouver, Canada and printed on sustainable materials. $1 from every book sale goes to the BC Children's Hospital Foundation. $13.99.

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For The Bold Ones

From COVID-19 to Black Lives Matter, this book is for those who don’t shy away from big topics with their kids. It teaches lessons of equality, courage and overcoming obstacles. Most importantly, it reminds us all to always find the silver lining.

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